ADL’s Interfaith Youth Leadership Coalition brings together Christian, Muslim, and Jewish High School students from across New England to explore each other’s faith traditions and develop the leadership skills needed to foster greater interfaith dialogue, understanding, and respect.

The program year begins with a one-day intensive anti-prejudice immersion seminar led by highly skilled interfaith facilitators, including clergy and other religious leaders, educators, and ADL staff.

Teens learn about each other’s religious backgrounds, build an appreciation for their differences, and form lasting relationships. The work continues after the seminar as participants return home and work together with ADL to create projects that build bridges of interfaith understanding among members of their communities.

“In high school, little differences alone can divide people into groups, and beyond I think these divisions only get worse. It was a breath of fresh air to see a group of people our age, all dedicated to breaking those barriers down, and coming together with that common goal in mind.”
         – Kelly Schuster, 2013-14 Participant

Goals for Participants:

  • Learn about each other’s religions alongside their own.
  • Explore conceptions and misconceptions that they may hold about one another.
  • Develop leadership skills that will enable them to become agents for positive social change upon returning to their respective communities.
  • Build friendships and have a great time participating in fun activities throughout the year!

2013-2014 Interfaith Youth Leadership Coalition Fall Program Dates:

  • September 22
  • October 6
  • October 20
For more information,  please contact Jenn Leibig
Assistant Regional Director
Anti-Defamation League, New England
617-406-6382 or