The Miller Early Childhood Initiative provides anti-bias training and resources for early childhood educators, caregivers and family members.  Through interactive activities and supporting resources created in partnership with Sesame WorkshopTM, these “early teachers” gain the knowledge and skills needed to prepare young children for our diverse world.


  • Provide early childhood professionals and family members with the opportunity to learn about and address bias-related issues.
  • Foster positive self-esteem in children by supporting their understanding of and respect for their own and other peoples’ personal identities.
  • Develop strategies to build bias-free, inclusive home and learning environments.


  • Educator & Follow-Up Educator Workshop are offered as half -and full -day anti-bias training sessions for caregivers of children ages 3-5 years.  .5 or 1 CEU available.
  • Educator Advanced Workshop reunites participants for full- or half -day anti-bias training, building on the previous sessions.
  • Family Workshop provides up to three hours of anti-bias training for adult family members of children ages 3-5.
  • Family & Child Workshop includes one hour of anti-bias activities for adult family members together with their preschool children.


  • Greater understanding of bias- and diversity -related concepts in early childhood.
  • Enhanced self-concepts of young children whose caregivers and/or family members participate in workshops.
  • Acquired anti-bias education skills, strategies and resources.

For more information, please contact Stacy Davison

 Assistant Director, A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute

Anti-Defamation League New England

617.406.6385 or