A CLASSROOM OF DIFFERENCE™ provides teachers, administrators and other education professionals with the knowledge, tools and resources to address issues of bias. prejudice and discrimination, and promote an inclusive learning environment in which individual differences are respected and valued.


  • Examine personal identity, the ways in which it is shaped by societal and cultural factors, and the impact of those factors on one’s interactions with members of other identity groups.
  • Identify and address issues of bias, prejudice and discrimination—and their manifestations—in the school community.
  • Develop individual and institutional strategies to foster an equitable learning environment and an inclusive, respectful school climate.


  • Facilitated discussions in large and small breakout groups.
  • Dynamic anti-bias education activities.
  • Integrated multimedia resources.


  • Increased awareness of personal and institutional biases and their impact.
  • Enhanced understanding of diversity-related issues and their significance in the school community.
  • Acquired anti-bias education tools, strategies and resources.


For more information, please contact Phil Fogelman

 Director, A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute

Anti-Defamation League New England

617.406.6335 or pfogelman@adl.org