ADL New England was proud to have students from Boston University and Clark University join 15 diverse college student leaders in gaining a firsthand perspective of Israel, its people, culture and history as part of ADL’s Campus Leaders Mission to Israel.

Read a personal account from Clark University’s Yohan Senarath, or read the full ADL Campus Leaders Mission to Israel Blog!

The students shared:

  • “I understand that Israel is a fully functioning, diverse, and dynamic society instead of the dangerous and chaotic warzone that the media often likes to portray.”
  • “I hope to be able to open my fellow students’ eyes to the realities of Israeli life, and to present the facts about what life in Israel is really like for both Israelis and Palestinians.”
  • “The biggest factor that I didn’t grasp before going to Israel was its size, and what that means.”
  • “Israel is portrayed (by the media) as the hot spot – center of the world’s most challenging conflict and common place for missile strikes.  Israel is actually a thriving young country with diverse and exciting people and cities.”
  • “Above all, I have a better understanding of the Israeli consciousness – I now know why Israel’s continued existence and growth is so important to Jews and how the country is trying to move toward peace.”

On their return to campus in the fall, each student will develop a follow up plan to share their experiences in Israel with their fellow students and leaders on their campus.

This mission was made possible through generous funding from the Charles and Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation and the Samuel and Mildred Levine Institute.