Letter to the Editor: Cartoon “Deeply Troubling”, The Jewish Journal, MA

It is deeply troubling that you have chosen to respond to the terror attack in Orlando by promoting fear and prejudice (Re: Thoughts & Opinion/The Back Page, June 16, 2016). Islamist extremism is a genuine global threat. However, by conflating the entire Muslim community with Islamic extremists and their ideology, the June 16 back cover
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Publisher: ‘Mein Kampf’ proceeds to aid Holocaust survivors, Associated Press

The move comes after publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt was criticized by Jewish advocates for its plans to donate proceeds and royalties from the book to Boston-area cultural organizations, and not necessarily to those that combat anti-Semitism. View Story
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#LeadersLead – ADL’s National Leadership Summit

It was a weekend to remember for more than 20 lay leaders from ADL’s New England Region! From May 15-17, the group traveled to Washington D.C. to attend The National Leadership Summit, the signature event of the year-long Glass Leadership Institute (GLI).  Participants joined over 500 ADL advocates and leaders from across the nation to
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ADL Roundtable’s Latino-Jewish Bus Tour – April 27, 2016

In 1915, Louis Brandeis addressed a crowd of 5,000 Jews in Chelsea Massachusetts as the keynote speaker at the World Zionist Congress. Why Chelsea? Because as Brandeis said, Chelsea was home to the most densely populated Jewish community in the United States at the time.  This fascinating bit of local history was shared by anthropologist
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Live Stream ADL’s SCOTUS Review on July 6th

Watch distinguished legal scholars Erwin Chemerinsky, Frederick Lawrence, and Dahlia Lithwick as they analyze the most important decisions of the Supreme Court’s 2015-2016 term and discuss what Justice Scalia’s death means for the future of the Court.
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Combating antisemitism and racial injustice leadership panel

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