ADL Condemns Cemetery Vandalism – Contributes to Reward Fund

The Anti-Defamation League, New England Region (ADL) strongly condemned the recent reported vandalism of 19 tombstones at Worcester Hebrew Cemetery in Auburn, Massachusetts.  The cemetery suffered damage that includes broken stones and stones knocked over.  A similar incident at the cemetery took place around Memorial Day weekend of this year. ADL has joined the Jewish…
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ADL Regional Director Robert Trestan: “In Stab at Cleverness, Cartoon Unfairly Maligns Israel”

DAN WASSERMAN’S July 22 editorial cartoon mocking Israel’s extraordinary efforts to avoid civilian injuries in Gaza while attempting to prevent its own civilians from being killed by the roughly 2,000 rockets fired by Hamas from Gaza over the last two weeks alone may pass as clever. But its suggestion that Israel or its prime minister is cavalier about…
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ADL Welcomes Governor Patrick’s Decision to Provide Shelter to Unaccompanied Minors

Last week, ADL was pleased to see Governor Patrick take the lead in responding to the current humanitarian crisis at the border by offering temporary shelter for an estimated 1,000 children fleeing violence in Central America.  For more than 100 years, ADL has been advocating for fair and humane treatment of aspiring Americans and policies…
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Tell the U.S. and European Union to Reject the Hamas Unity Government Now

The unceasing barrage of rockets and missiles fired on Israeli civilians by Hamas makes clear that the United States and European Union should not work with a Palestinian unity government supported by Hamas, or recognize it in any way….
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Rally – Boston Stands for Truth: Boston Stands With Israel!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Tuesday’s rally against Hamas. Come show Boston that we support Israel’s right to defend herself! And let us express solidarity for all the innocent civilians – Israeli and Palestinian – who are victimized by Hamas, a terror organization. Please join us in making the facts heard in our…
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North Shore Leadership Award Dinner Honoring Karen Andreas

ADL’s 2014 North Shore Leadership Award Dinner will honor Karen Andreas, Publisher, North of Boston Media Group . Registration is required. For more information, please contact Harryette Katzen 617-406-6375 or…
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